Knock on the Sky

Michael B. Neff

Feature * Dramedy * 116 Pages

Much like 'Parasite,' KNOCK ON THE SKY begins as a comedy-drama and then slowly turns grimmer and darker. It's unconventional, but it just works. These are the kind of factors that set this film apart from similar specs floating in the industry.

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KNOCK ON THE SKY is nothing short of incredible, its original premise complemented with strong characters and witty dialogue makes it attractive to cinema lovers and general audiences alike. There's plenty of action and comedy to keep audiences engaged, yet it never comes off cheap.

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The fantastical nature of the premise gives the film a sort of modern-day "fairy tale" in the way that is a morality tale more than anything. There are great visuals and it wraps up with plenty of timely and relatable real-world themes that give the script a slight edge over others of its kind.

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The morally corrupt director of a conservative news network that sells lies for ratings is paid a visit by his deceased ex-wife in the form of God who tasks him with persuading one evil person to do one good deed within only seven days or life on earth will cease to exist.

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