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Algonkian Writers Conference Events and Retreats

Algonkian Events Now Open to Application:

Before choosing an Algonkian event we recommend an event comparison.

- February 25-28, 2016: St. Augustine Author-Mentor, FL, $2750 - (Map/Directions)
- March 10-13, 2016: New York Pitch Conference, NY, $799 - (Map/Directions)
- March 16-20, 2016: Algonkian Novel and Memoir Retreat, $1395 - (Map/Directions)

- Rolling Admissions: Algonkian Novel Writing Courses, $799 - (Online)

- October TBA, 2016: Monterey Writers Retreat, CA, $1095 - (Map/Directions)
- November TBA, 2016: San Fran Write to Market, CA, $595 - (Map/Directions)

Algonkian Writer Conferences, Retreats and Workshops

The Pulitzer-Led Novel Workshop in St. Augustine 2016
OPEN TO APPLICATIONS. Tuition $2,750 (includes lodging)

Algonkian has put together some of the best pros to meet with aspiring authors one-on-one and in project-intensive workshops. The workshop is unlike any other. Meet and work one-on-one with Pulitzer winners, a top literary agent and film producer, as well as nonesuch teacher-writers Michael Neff and Kate Cox.   Read More...

The Algonkian Writer Retreats - East and West Coast
OPEN TO APPLICATIONS. Tuition $895 to $1395

Like other Algonkian events, these retreats enable you to work on your novel or nonfiction in a pragmatic, mentored environment while also locating you in a genuinely scenic and relaxing place. Retreats are enhanced with new pre-event studies, extended personal consult time with business professionals, and an emphasis on making each writer's work as competitive as possible in the current marketplace...   Read More...

The San Francisco Write to Market Conference

A writers conference designed by Algonkian to provide writers with all the information, materials, and guided training they must have to successfully avoid or break the rejection cycle. Prior to arrival, attendees receive a full array of comprehensive pre-event novel assignments as well as the Algonkian study guide.   Read More...

The New York Pitch Conference

Writers workshop and reality-check their novel or work-in-progress before networking their pitch with major publishers such as Scribners, Penguin, Random House, Holt, St. Martins, and more. A new array of pre-event assignments give our writers an edge they do not receive at other conferences. See New York Pitch Conference NEWS for latest success stories. First page analysis now included at events.   Read More...

- Algonkian Writer Events in The U.S. -

Upcoming Algonkian events with only the best faculty, story analysis, pitch training, cross-market craft and market-positioning methodology. All events are enhanced with new pre-event studies, extended consult time with professionals, and an emphasis on making novel as competitive as possible... [more]

Algonkian Park Writer Retreat takes place on a beautiful and rather enormous expanse of land beside the Potomac River. The scenery, the local wildlife and deer families, the walks along the river and hiking trails, all combine to provide you with an environment conducive to productive writing and soul searching...

It began at Algonkian Park and evolved into "The Fiction Class" by Susan Breen. Going into 2016, Algonkian events have assisted and networked writers into dozens of agent and publishing contracts. More information can be found on our commentary page.  

- Algonkian Events and Helpful Pages -

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