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We will get back to you within five working days. Please take the time to faithfully answer the following questions. They are designed for purposes of

clarification and to assist both of us in making your experience more productive. If certain questions do not apply to your goals or writing, you need not

answer them. Only answer those that apply to your goals for the retreat.

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Tell Us About Yourself, Your Background, And Your Writing Life.
If Appropriate, Tell Us Something About Your Current Writing Project(s), or About Your Planned Projects, or Simply About What You Might Like to Do.
What Do You Hope to Accomplish at The Retreat, or Do You Simply Wish to "Retreat" And Think About It?

NOTE: if your form submission does not complete
for whatever reason, you are probably experiencing
a firewall problem. If you cannot resolve it, please call us
at 1-800-250-8290 or send the application information
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Thank you.


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