"Any first time author can be made to look "fabulous" -- it's all about how an agent, author and publisher present the author. Every author has a background and a story, which can be told to the book- sellers and public in a boring way or a way that is spectacular."

  Barbara   Zitwer

"If an author is a terrific writer and has a voice or perspective or style that's not been seen before, there is a far greater chance it will have a place in the literary market. Though it's true that it can be tough to get a first book published, agents and editors are always looking for the next voice or story."

  Elise Capron

The Literary Director of Algonkian WC
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Favorite Place: New York Pitch Conference

  A Note About Founder Michael Neff and Algonkian
What is the origin? How did Algonkian evolve?

How did Algonkian workshops begin on the banks of the Potomac River? There was a domino effect in place. Back in 2001, after successful publication in several literary journals considered prestigious by the American literati (North American Review, Quarterly West, Pittsburgh Quarterly, The Literary Review, Conjunctions, and others), and with his literary journal Del Sol Review, and popular website for presses and writers, Web del Sol.Com, serving thousands of readers and writers per day, Neff opted to begin a small fiction writing workshop in the D.C. area focusing on prose and narrative craft. Upon arrival at Algonkian Park for the first time in 2002, a place with a beautiful river setting and comfortable cottages, he realized it was a natural place for a workshop, and thus Algonkian Novel Workshops became reality.

By 2004, Michael Neff expanded the workshop depth by including professionals in the literary business, i.e., agents, editors, and authors. The format evolved to also include novel analysis and preparation. Eventually, the pedagogical method developed over time became known as the model and context method. Writers in the small-group Algonkian workshops are presented with models of finely honed structural and narrative craft accomplished by great authors, and following work and discussion, they learn how to apply this craft in the context of their own project. His own novel, Year of The Rhinoceros), was soon published by a distinguished press in Los Angeles known as Red Hen Press.

Over time, and with the assistance of pros in the business, Algonkian created a large and comprehensive study and reference guide for the workshops, a ten part syllabus, extensive pre-event assignments, unique workshop narrative/scene-writing assignments, and a customized "pitch model" that served as a diagnostic workshop method that enabled each writer, with the guidance of agent faculty and the Algonkian workshop leader, to understand why their novel wasn't working as well as it should.

Regardless, thank you for stopping by the Algonkian conference site. Contact us at any time. We are at your service. Personally, nothing makes us happier than being a part of a successful writer project. If you wish to read more about our director Michael Neff, you can click to this page.

Regards and Peace,

Algonkian Writer Conferences


Comments or questions? Write to Michael Neff.

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