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French Quarter A-M Notes, Pre-event Consults, and Post-event Novel Building

    The only novel development and writing workshops that start before you arrive and
    continue after you leave.

  • The 2016 French Quarter A-M dates are TBA.

  • Upon registration, writers will receive customized pre-event assignments and readings which address all the major conflict/complication, plot, theme, narrative/voice, dialogue, scene construction, and character arc-and-development issues that will be addressed before and during the workshops and personal consults.

  • Writers can schedule a pre-event consult with a member of the faculty once pre-event assignments are completed. If you wish to do that, contact us. Your work will be discussed with an eye towards discovering whatever additional development might be necessary to make it as competitive as possible.

  • As follow-up to the workshop event, writers can opt to join an eight or sixteen-part (either option) online novel development program that will pick up where the A-M workshop left off. This is included in the A-M registration fee. At the conclusion of the program, the writer will once again receive fresh editorial review, and as appropriate, help with the query letter process.

  • The workshop and all private consults will take place at the Hotel Monteleone.

  • The cost of a standard room at the Monteleone is included in the full registration fee of $2850.00. However, there are plenty of unique and excellent rooms in the French Quarter (e.g. The Place d'Armes) and surrounding area, and for less cost. If you choose to stay nearby, our registration fee adjusts downward significantly, but if you wish choose a room more expensive at the Monteleone, such as a suite, please use the same discounted fee registration form.

  • All room reservations at the Hotel Monteleone will be arranged by attendees following acceptance and registration. The contact number at the hotel is (504) 523-3341. The hotel will want your CC for the initial reservation and incidentals, but Algonkian will either pay for your room at the event or beforehand. But please take note we are not blocking off rooms at the Monteleone, only meeting space.

  • The workshop is limited to 12 aspiring authors.

  • We have scholarships available that provide a discount of up to $500.00 depending on the need (students and handicapped writers have priority). If you believe you might qualify, write us at info @ with the subject line: APPLYING FOR SCHOLARSHIP TO FQAM and we will get back to you asap.

  • For more information on the conference agenda click here.

    For any questions not answered here, write us at info (at) or call us at 1-800-250-8290.

Who Should Apply?
    We wish to interact with writers willing to learn the proper technique, receive honest reaction to their writing, and work towards commercial publication. We consider novel writing to be a calling, not a hobby. We accept published writers, as well as beginners who demonstrate in the application they are serious about writing.

    Genres we work with include upmarket/literary, general fiction, women's fiction, SF/F, young adult/middle grade fantasy and non-fantasy, speculative and urban fantasy, mystery (cozy/detective) and thrillers.

Location - Directions - Transportation

    All information regarding directions to the hotel can be found on the Hotel Monteleone website. Please review as necessary. An airport shuttle service meets every flight at the Louis Armstrong International Airport. Proceed from baggage claim to the transportation center for shuttle service. The one-way rate is $24.00, and a round trip is $44.00; both are per-person fares. To make a reservation, please call (504) 522-3500.

A Summary of Particulars

    Full registration for the Author-Mentor Novel Workshop includes:

    • All workshop sessions.
    • The optional extra prep day.
    • Private consultations with professionals in residence.
    • An individual path-to-publication plan.
    • The Algonkian Study and Reference Guide.
    • A pre-workshop plot analysis (if so desired).
    • Pre-workshop readings and assignments.
    • Cost of the room at the Hotel Monteleone.

    A Review of The Hotel Monteleone

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